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Dr Sol Zimmerman will be retiring from Pediatric Associates at the end of 2016. Our doctors and staff will miss him. We wish him the best as he begins this new and very well deserved retirement.

A letter from Dr. Zimmerman

“What are you going to be when you grow up?” is a question every child is asked. From the age of five, I would always answer, “A doctor.” It took until I was ten to decide to be a pediatrician. Here I am after a 40 year career of taking care of children, deciding that the time has come to retire.

It has been my privilege and responsibility to care for your children, to help keep them healthy and happy and to oversee their development. In the process I have been the guide and confidante of several generations of parents, shepherding them through the joys and tribulations of parenthood from the prenatal period through the teenage years (and sometimes beyond!) I’ve been lucky to be a part of so many families, knowing that my phone number on the fridge and my voice on the phone in the middle of the night have given parents peace of mind.

In addition to practicing at Pediatric Associates, I have fulfilled many other roles: Chief Resident, Camp Doctor (24 years at Camp Equinunk), Pediatric ICU Director, textbook author, speaker and Chief of the Pediatric Service at Tisch Hospital. Not only am I called Dr. Zimmerman, but there are a number of aliases applied to me: Dr. Snoopy, Dr. Z, Dr. Sol (to everyone at camp), Papa (to my staff, but only behind my back), and my current favorite - Dr. Grandpa.

I will be retiring at the end of 2016, confident that your children will be in the best of hands. As the Senior Physician in Pediatric Associates, I have been proud to help the practice grow to one of the most respected and largest practices in the area. With offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, availability 24/7, 365 days a year, we provide accessibility and patient care second to none. I have personally hired and closely worked with every physician in the practice, and I can assure you that your children will be cared for by my competent and compassionate colleagues (who have been entrusted with my own children, and now, grandchildren!)

I have loved seeing your children grow up and watching you become better and better parents. It has been an honor to be part of your families - to be considered a source of advice, comfort and encouragement. Since I have definitely “grown up, “ I share with you my belief that the family is the most important part of life...

And now I’ll be spending more time with mine.


Click link for a list of the recommended and most effective insect repellent


Traveling to Florida in the face of Zika.

The current CDC recommendations only apply to pregnant women and their partners (see below). Infants and children are not discouraged from traveling to Florida or any other country where Zika has been identified. There is a link to a list of recommended insect repellents above

-Pregnant women should not travel to this area in Florida or other Zika endemic countries.

-Women and men who live in or traveled to this area and who have a pregnant sex partner should use condoms or other barriers to prevent infection every time they have sex during the pregnancy.

-Women with Zika infection should wait at least 8 weeks and men with Zika should wait at least 6 months after symptoms began to try to get pregnant.

-Women and men who traveled to this area but did not contract Zika should wait at least 8 weeks before trying to get pregnant.


Our Offices Are Open 365 Days A Year

Welcome to Pediatric Associates of NYC. We are a practice of experienced board certified pediatricians caring for infants, children and adolescents with two offices conveniently located in midtown Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of the children and families we care for by providing exceptional health care and compassionate service.

At Pediatric Associates of NYC, we offer a full range of pediatric care services including prenatal visits for expecting parents, well baby and child check–ups, immunizations and same day sick visit appointments. Our offices offer extensive office hours from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Thursday and 8am to 6pm on Fridays. We are available to our established patients on Saturdays, Sundays and all holidays for sick visits only. On weekends and holidays call in the morning (after 9am) to scheule a same day appointment. We are committed to providing quality care in a comfortable office setting, where children and parents can feel at ease.

Please browse our website and familiarize yourself with our practice. We hope that it will serve as a valuable resource for you. You will find a lot of helpful information about our practice including doctor bios, common medication dosing sheets, well and sick visit information sheets, directions to our New York and Brooklyn offices, and new patient forms.

Pediatric Associates of NYC looks forward to working together with you to guide your child along a path toward optimal physical and emotional health and well-being. We can assure you that you will feel confident in our ability to not only meet, but exceed all of your expectations.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact our offices today!




Pediatric Associates offers weekly lactation support and monthly evening infant CPR courses at both our Manhattan and Brooklyn offices.

If you are interested in participating in these classes, please contact the providers directly for dates, times and pricing.

Lactation Consultants:

Manhattan office
Patricia McGuire- 917.553.8381

Brooklyn office
Susan Burger (Thur) - 917.912.8066

Freda Rosenfeld (Wed) - 718.469.5990

Infant CPR course by Save-A-Tot: Classes for parents, expecting parents, grandparents and caregivers
RSVP: saveatot@gmail.com


Many parents have called to ask about the new recommendations for Gardasil (HPV) vaccine dosing.  Pediatric Associates will be changing its dosing schedule in accordance with the CDC and ACIP recommendations.  Read more at: 


AVOIDING PEANUT ALLERGY:  Based on new research (2016), the introduction of peanuts around the age of 6 months, after a few other foods have been introduced (fruits, vegetables, infant cereal), is associated with a significantly reduced risk of developing a peanut allergy. Peanuts should be introduced in an age appropriate form such as peanut butter or Bamba, a peanut flavored puffed snack food. For infants with ​severe​ eczema and/or an egg allergy, discuss specifics of how to introduce peanuts to your baby with your pediatrician. 

PANYC will begin sending confirmation of your upcoming appointment via text message.

Please review the information for accuracy then click on the link provided in the text to confirm.  If you have any questions or need to cancel the appointment, call the office directly.

NYS Prescription Laws 

As of March 27, 2016 it will be mandatory for health practitioners to issue electronic prescriptions for all medications. Please plan accordingly, if you need a refill on a medication, this MUST be requested during regular business hours.


Pediatric Associates is now offering the Yellow Fever Vaccine. Please visit the CDC website to learn if your travel destination requires or recommends this vaccine.

We are also here to help coordinate your medical needs for all International Travel. Please schedule an appointment to review required/recommended immunizations and prophylactic medications.











Pediatric Associates of NYC is a group of board certified pediatricians who bring a comprehensive yet individualistic approach. To find out more about our doctors, please visit the link provided below.

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