Our Services

At Pediatric Associates of NYC we and our friendly staff offer all aspects of pediatric medical care including:

  • Well child exams from birth to age 21
  • Sports and camp physicals
  • Pre-op medical clearance
  • Immunizations
  • School and behavioral issues
  • Acute and chronic illnesses
  • Inpatient hospital care for our patients
  • Onsite blood draws including fingersticks    
  • Onsite laboratory for blood counts, lead levels, and bilirubin    
  • Rapid strep testing and throat cultures
  • Influenza testing

Policies and Procedures


All office visits are by appointment only. We have extended office hours during the week for your convenience. On most weekends, both offices are open for sick visits only. On holidays and on weekends during the summer, we are available to see sick patients at the Manhattan office. To request an appointment, please click here.

When scheduling your appointment, please let us know the reason for the visit so that we can allow the appropriate amount of time for your child. We value your time and attempt to keep to our schedule but hospital responsibilities, emergencies, and phone calls can derail us. We would appreciate the courtesy of your calling to cancel if you cannot keep an appointment of if you will not arrive on time. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for well visits/consults and if cancellations are made last minute, there will be a charge.  If it is necessary to bring additional children to an appointment, please call so that we can determine the best way to accommodate your needs. Asking for additional children to be seen during a scheduled visit without having advised us ahead of time puts the physician in the uncomfortable position of either having to refuse or "run late".

Upon arrival,  if your child is ill,  we ask that you wait in the designated waiting areas for sick children to prevent the spread of contagious diseases to children who are well.

Please keep us informed of changes in your address, health insurance, or home/work telephone numbers.

Telephone Calls:

Routine questions, appointment scheduling and cancellations, billing information, requests for referrals, and prescription renewals are  handled during regular office hours. Our phones are busiest between 8 AM and 10 AM. If you are calling to schedule a well visit or for non-urgent advice, it would be helpful if you placed your call later in the day. Please understand that patient care and emergencies take priority over non-urgent phone calls, but we will return your phone call as soon as possible. We are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the presence of a true life-threatening emergency, call 911 to be brought to the nearest Emergency Room.

After-hours calls are made to the same office numbers but are handled by a voicemail answering service.  Please listen to the directions on the outgoing message to give the information the on call doctor needs. We have a large volume of calls and only when we have the appropriate information can we better serve our patients by getting back to those in greatest need first. If you have placed an after-hours call to us, please disarm any Caller-ID feature you may have on your phone or you may make it impossible for us to return your call.
When possible, please call us prior to taking you child to an emergency room or urgent care center. We can then assess whether your child's problem could be better handled in our office.


We are proud of providing comprehensive care to our patients but there are times when it is necessary to refer to specialists for further evaluation and treatment. Many insurers, through their HMO products, create a "gatekeeper" model which requires the primary care physician to authorize referrals to specialists. We will provide referrals to physicians participating in your insurance plan after evaluating the clinical complaint. When a referral is required, we request at least 48 hours to process the request. We cannot give retroactive referrals for consultations not initially recommended by one of our pediatricians.

Laboratory Tests:

There are a number of laboratory tests ordered in conjunction with well child care, such as hemoglobin, hematocrit and lead screening.  In addition, hearing and vision screening are ordered at appropriate well visits or when clinically indicated. Most childhood illnesses can be diagnosed by a complete history and thorough physical examination, but occasionally laboratory tests are necessary. The laboratory testing for the well or sick patient may be performed in our office or ordered at a commercial laboratory, as dictated by the requirements of your health insurer.


NYU Langone Health is our principal hospital affiliation.