Should my infant get the RSV shot? 

    • Pediatricians around the country are excited about the new shot that can decrease risks of severe RSV infection. 
    • The doctors of Pediatric Associates of NYC recommend the RSV (Beyfortus) shot for all infants 8 months and younger IF the pregnant person had not received a dose of the RSV vaccine (Abrysvo) >2 weeks before delivery. 
    • It is a new recommendation that pregnant people get a single dose of Pfizer's bivalent RSVpreF vaccine during weeks 32 through 36 of pregnancy from September through January.

What is Beyfortus?

  • Beyfortus is not considered a vaccine because it does not cause an infant to generate their own immunity. It is an RSV monoclonal antibody that provides passive immunity. One dose can protect infants for 5 months, the typical length of RSV season. The intention of Beyfortus is to protect infants from serious disease resulting in hospitalization.

When and where can I get the RSV shot for my infant? 

  • The shot is available but in very limited supply. There is already a supply shortage for the 2023-2024 season. As a result, the CDC has interim recommendations that include prioritizing infants at highest risk of severe RSV disease, in particular infants younger than 6 months of age.
  • Many hospitals offer Beyfortus in the post-partum period after delivery. We strongly recommend that if you would like your infant to receive this immunization (and we recommend they do), that they receive it in the hospital due to supply shortages that we are already experiencing in the outpatient setting.